The Gratitude Group 

Throughout my personal development journey, I have:  Learned, grown, shifted, changed, shed, purged, been humbled, been knocked down and came out on the end the strongest and most spiritually connected I've ever been!  Along the way, I have added countless tools to my spiritual tool belt, that I can call on no matter what situation I may be in.


If I had to share just ONE of those tools in my toolkit, believe it or not, that would be an easy one for me.  I'd say, without hesitation, gratitude is the number one practice that has shifted my life.  And to think ... it all started as a cute blog project!


A while back, I saw online that Oprah was throwing down a 365 days of gratitude challenge.  I thought it sounded like fun and that it would be neat to track daily on my blog.  Over the next year, I expressed something I was grateful for everyday on my blog and what happened at the end of 365 days, completely rocked my world!  


Here's what I learned ... It's easy to express gratitude on the days where everything is going great.  How about when things "appear" to be at their lowest?  This is when it's hardest to express daily gratitude and when most people don't. This is when the magic happens and the great shift occurs!  When you can still turn to gratitude, no matter what is going on, that's when blessings arrive in abundance!  


Because of the impact it made on my life, I knew I wanted to pay it forward!  I decided to host my own 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge on Facebook.  The group is open to everyone and every year it gets bigger.  When you are sharing daily gratitude with a large group of people, the energy is electric!  This is, by far, my most favorite group to host and be a part of.  Not only is it a huge bright spot in my day, but I get to watch people shift before my very eyes.


Check out what some people are saying about the 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge .... 

"I love it. I look forward to posting what I'm grateful for that day. It really puts things into perspective for me on what is important in my life and it helps me to spread more gratitude to my family and friends."

"I thought in the beginning  I would never make it! As we have progressed I have found it easier than I thought. I appreciate things I took for granted! I also love reading the posts of everyone in our group.

I almost feel like I have lots of new friends"

"I am so grateful for this group, it reminds me every day to be grateful for something, even if I have to dig deep."

"I love that when I am waiting and my patience is being tried, I automatically switch to gratitude."

"I love the extra positivity. When everything else seems to be so negative. This is a place I can come everyday to see everyone's positive posts"

"In light of all the craziness going on in the world, this has been a lifeboat for me. I love reading the posts here, I don't have to brace myself, just bask in the glory and wonder of all the good we experience. Definitely noticing I am reaching for the positive other than the negative in all things."

Many people choose to start this challenge at the beginning of a new year, however, the best day to start is TODAY!  I welcome people into the group all year round.  Your 365 days starts when you join the group!  So much can happen from expressing gratitude for 365 days.  Are you ready to see what blessings you can manifest through taking this challenge?