Founder - Heather Dalton

Founder - Heather Dalton 

The Story of Thrive Tribe

Empowering minds ~ Celebrating bodies ~ Awakening spirits 

Heather Dalton is a self-published author, certified Transformational Life Coach and motivational speaker. She has hosted hundreds of virtual and in-person group programs, workshops, and retreats - all supporting women in living their best lives!

Heather's life didn't always look like this. Prior to 2012, she was ... 

* Overweight 

* A smoker 

* Didn't know or care about nutrition 

* Not at all active 

* A control freak 

* Stressed to the max 

* Working a lot of hours in the management field 

* Investing her energy in building someone else's dreams

Stress-related digestive issues changed Heather's course and she began the journey to change her health. Little did she know that one decision was going to completely shift her entire life!  

Heather documented every single tool she used to alter her mind, body, and spirit. After she became a Certified Transformational Life Coach she self-published her workbook entitled Thrive: Creating A Balanced, Connected, and Healthy Life You Adore! 

These tools have supported women all over the world in shedding what's no longer serving them so they can THRIVE and not just survive. 

She felt a calling to create a community where women can empower their minds, celebrate their bodies, and awaken their spirits too. 

"I find there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than when women come together to lift each other up." ~Heather Dalton 

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