Deal of the Month 

This month's deal is an awesome one! In case you missed my recent creative virtual workshop, you're going to get a second chance ... 



Heather Dalton 

- Certified Life Coach 

- Certified Sports Nutritionist 

- Self-Published Author 

Jamie Johnson 

- 20+ years as an educator 

- Certified Life Coach 

Personal Priority Statement and Miracle Board Master Class. Join co-hosts Heather Dalton and Jamie Johnson for this valuable 90-minute Master Class! 


Self-published author and Life Coach, Heather Dalton, will lead you through writing your personal priority statement step by step. Having your personal priority statement can bring tremendous clarity into your life and will assist you greatly in making decisions based on your top priorities. 


Certified Life Coach and Educator, Jamie Johnson, will then walk you through a process she created called miracle boarding. You will learn how to create miracle boards based on what you determine are your top priorities. This is an amazing creative process that opens your eyes to all of the miracles happening around you. 


You will be able to order a copy of this workshop through the month of March


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