Thrive Transformational Journey

Create the foundation to live your most authentic life!

Are you feeling lost? Disconnected? Uninspired? Are you ready to make a big change in your life but have no idea where to start or what it even looks like? This 16-week Thrive journey is for you! 
Heather will guide you on a personal and customized transformative journey that will shift your life, re-ignite your soul and open new doors.  

Here's what's included: 

* A copy of her self-published workbook Thrive: Creating a Balanced, Connected, Healthy Life You Adore! 
* Weekly 60-minute one-on-one calls (16 total)
* Unlimited text and email access to your Thrive guide, Heather, during your journey
* Access to exclusive Thrive videos, tools, and soulwork that will support you in empowering your mind, celebrating your body and awakening your spirit 
* Access to an online Thrive Tribe sisterhood when you complete your journey. This community of likeminded sisters will encourage your continued growth and support you in living your best life. You will also have access to additional tips, tools, and events! 
More about your Thrive guide Heather Dalton 

Heather Dalton uses her certifications in both Life Coaching and Sports Nutrition, as well as her own transformation, to support women in empowering their minds, celebrating their bodies and awakening their spirits. 


Her self-published workbook entitled Thrive: Creating a Balanced, Connected, and Healthy Life You Adore is designed to help women tap into their soul and release what's no longer serving them so they can live their most authentic lives! Heather has empowered women all over the world through her book, group programs, Unplug for Self-Love Retreats, and speaking events. 


Heather went from a management career that was making her sick and draining her soul to being a nomadic entrepreneur and spiritual guru supporting women all over the world!

Laurie Schell

“Participating in Heather's Thrive Group Program opened the doors for reflection and self-awareness... something I had never done before. From there, attending her Unplug for Self-love Retreat knocked down those doors!!! I had NO idea what I was internalizing or its effects on me and because of Heather I figured it out in only 4 days! I made this discovery because she was kind, caring, compassionate and knew how to get us to dig really deep while making it fun and interesting too. Now I feel like my journey is just getting started!” 

Jaimie DeSmith 

“I am feeling lighter - not just physically but mentally. This group made me really aware of everything around me and inside of me. It taught me things about myself and supported me in shedding what was no longer serving me so I could make space for what will. The group atmosphere was positive, supportive, and just what I needed to be consistent. After my 4-month journey, I feel like I am ready for anything! Talking about things in the group and with my support system was extremely helpful and therapeutic. I felt like every day I became a better version of myself.”

Jassi MacMillan

“What I first noticed about Heather was her energy. The vibe I got from her was something I was desperately craving in own life. I was yearning for inspiration and she re-lit my fire. Working with her has given me the boost I needed to know that I can have anything I want in life! I enrolled in her Thrive group program and it completely changed my life! Forever grateful my path crossed with Heather’s.” 

Are you ready to start YOUR transformative Thrive journey? 
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