Meg Filer 

I went into my life coaching session planning to focus on some big picture goals.  Heather created an inviting space that was full of compassion, understanding and acceptance.  I felt safe to express my concerns and struggles in this judgement free zone which allowed me to go inward and really understand the root cause of my stress.  Heather guided me through some exercises that helped me to understand what was truly a priority in my life and what areas needed my immediate attention.  I found I was really out of balance due to a lack of setting boundaries with my company and my personal time.   Heather helped me to lean in and understand what I really needed to gracefully get through a very busy time at work.  I left with a clear goal outlined and specific action items to tackle that would help me find more balance.   Learning how to approach a big, scary conversation by breaking it down into specific steps allowed me to confidently speak my truth, set a boundary and invite more peace/time into my daily schedule.   Speaking my truth had an immediate domino effect for my team mates who also enjoyed the benefits of more time back in their day and a clear understanding of everyone's role.  What once seemed a daunting task, turned into a positive team building experience, a big dose of self-confidence and more time to do what I really love!  Thanks for believing in me and guiding through this once overwhelming obstacle!  ~Meg Filer 

Heather Dalton - Life Coach
Lia Contreras 
Heather Dalton - Life Coach

I have to say I was a little nervous because I really wasn't sure what to expect in my life coach session. Heather started off our session with some breathing exercises that helped me to feel centered and more comfortable. She asked all the right questions and pinpointed what I needed to do to achieve my goals. She gave me some sound advice and suggestions to map out my plan for success. We also figured out what my obstacles where that were making it difficult to move forward. After our session, I feel a lot more confident and inspired by what we talked about during our session. Since then, I have organized a fit club of friends and family to knock out my fitness goals!! Thank you Heather Dalton for your insight and inspiration!! ~Lia Contreras 

Andrea McGlaughlin

I had the pleasure of having a life coaching session with Heather. Going in I wasn’t really sure what to expect. All I knew was, I was looking forward to having some support and guidance, and most importantly, someone to listen and hold space for me. 

I have known for a while that Heather loves helping others, but what I didn’t know was how truly passionate she is about it. Once our session started, her passion for helping others just shined through. It’s obvious that she is doing what she was born to do!

I felt calm and nurtured, and I truly felt comfortable sharing with her. When I share things with others, the last thing I want to feel is judged, and I can tell you without a doubt, I NEVER once felt judged during my session. Heather made me feel comfortable, calm and validated, and to me that’s a big deal! 

I’m so happy I decided to devote an hour of my time to myself with this life coaching session. Since then I have remained a lot calmer than usual, and I won’t lie, Heather’s voice pops into my head now and then when I am having an “off” moment. I just imagine what advice she would offer, and I do just that…and it works every time! 

Since my session with Heather I have a clear plan moving forward. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks now and I can totally feel the difference. I am taking this plan and running with it, and I look forward to my next session. Heather is going to change many lives; that’s for sure! 

Thank you Heather 

~Andrea McLaughlin

Heather Dalton - Life Coach

Jassi MacMillan

“What I first noticed about Heather was her energy. The vibe I got from her was something I was desperately craving in own life. I was yearning for inspiration and she re-lit my fire. Working with her has given me the boost I needed to know that I can have anything I want in life! I enrolled in her Thrive workshop and it completely changed my life! Forever grateful my path crossed with Heather’s.” ~Jassi MacMillan

Laurie Schell

“Participating in Heather's Thrive Group Program opened the doors for reflection and self-awareness... something I had never done before. From there, attending her Unplug for Self-love Retreat knocked down those doors!!! I had NO idea what I was internalizing or its effects on me and because of Heather I figured it out in only 4 days! I made this discovery because she was kind, caring, compassionate and knew how to get us to dig really deep while making it fun and interesting too. Now I feel like my journey is just getting started!” ~Laurie Schell