Taking the Time to Breathe, Stretch and Re-Connect

January 12, 2017

This blog is dedicated to all of my chargers.  It doesn’t matter what category we are talking about whether it’s life, career, relationship or experiences in general – you charge every area of life and I applaud you for that!  Society is designed to bring out the charger in us and it’s reflected in the pace at which we move through life.


We are most often in a hurry, have a list a mile long, never have enough time to complete our work tasks and at the end of the day, we feel exhausted and disconnected.  This has been happening with me lately – big time!  Not only am I working to build my life coaching business but I also have 2 other jobs as well.  I will say that I am truly blessed to be loving everything that I do … how cool is that?!  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like a lot some times!


My current reality is what inspired this blog post in fact.  I just completed my 3rd Orange Theory workout in a row, which is something I don’t usually do (for those unfamiliar – pretty intense workouts).  I also completed one phase of an extensive project I’m working on at one of my jobs, which has been time and energy consuming.  Today I reached a point where my body and mind were just tired and needed some TLC from me.


I have learned that if I’m going to go fast, then I HAVE to slow down to refill the tank too!  In the past, I would always just push through no matter what.  To the point where it started to create health issues and lots of stress in my life.  I’ve taken my life in a completely different direction.  Now I’m a Life Coach that specializes in mind, body, spirit connection.  That means that in order to juggle all of these different things, I have to put my self care first and foremost if I want to rock it!

Today I honored how I was feeling.  I didn’t do a strenuous workout and after I completed my project I took some me time.  I rolled out my yoga mat, turned on some relaxing music, lit my favorite incense & candles, plugged in my twinkle lights and did a free flow yoga routine.  I stretched all of my sore muscles and connected with my breath.  As my body started to relax, I could feel my mind following.


When I finished I felt relaxed, calm, connected and grounded – which I definitely was not when I started.  It doesn’t have to be large amounts of time you take (although on occasion it should be!) to make a big impact.  It can be as small as taking a 5 minute breathing break to getting a massage or bigger things like traveling & adventuring.

If you’re going to live, work and play hard – then you have to nourish your mind, body and spirit on every level.  Meaning ….

  • If you’re going to do intense workouts, balance it with stretching.  This will help you reduce pain and the likelihood of injuries.

  • If you’re using your brain to the max at school, work, etc … then do things to help your mind unwind such as:  Yoga, meditation, connecting with nature, listening to music, plugging into creative projects, etc.

  • If you are plugged into technology all day long and are constantly receiving updates – balance that out with some time unplugged.  It’s not healthy to be so connected all of the time.  Spend some time connecting with your loved ones or get out and actually DO something you love.  Facebook will be there when you get back – I promise.

Taking the time to slow down, breathe and just BE will benefit your life on every level.  Stay present, connected, in the moment and whatever you do, slow down and honor how you’re feeling.




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