Grounding Yourself Through Meditation During Times of Chaos

January 20, 2017

I have had quite the January, let me tell you!  I asked the universe to send me abundance during the month of January, after taking 2 weeks off to go home for the holidays.  Let’s just say the universe provided that and then some!  I picked up another day at job #2 and multiple shifts.  At job #3, my boss placed a big project in my lap that I can do from home.  Talk about blessings! With that being said, I ended up taking on more then I wanted too and it’s left me feeling a little scattered, worn out and off my center.  It also disconnects me from my creative side which is the side that writes and engages in creative projects.  This is something I very much need in my life.  I’m sure those of you who follow me, may have even noticed less blogs coming out.  I just haven’t had the brain juice and I refuse to push myself past my limits.


When I get into this space, the first thing that suffers is my self care routine and building MY business.  I have learned after being an entrepreneur for close to 5 years, that you have to make sacrifices while continuing to move forward.  After a financial shift occurred in my life, I’ve had to make some adjustments and sacrifices so I can continue to pay my bills.


I’ve been feeling that worn out, chaotic energy creeping up on me.  Today I woke up and knew I had to dedicate my morning meditation to grounding myself.  I’ve been exploring meditation for the past 2-3 years and it’s impacted my.  It allows me to feel connected, peaceful, present, centered … you name it!  With that being said, it’s still very much a work in progress for me.  With as busy as I’ve been, I have not made the time to meditate daily and I’m starting to feel it.


I come from a background in management, where I worked in a high stress – lots of hours kind of position.  When I would try to meditate in the past, I could not slow my brain down at all.  Meditation ended up making me feel more stressed out because I “couldn’t do it right.”


As I started to change my health and dive further into my personal development, I knew it was time to give meditation another try.  It is now something that I’m so grateful for and turn to often.  To put it simply – it’s changed my life!  It didn’t happen overnight, it took consistent practice.  I had to let go of what I thought meditation was supposed to be like and just let it be what it is.  There are days I still have a hard time clearing my head but I know I’m still gaining tremendous benefits from just slowing down and breathing.


I like to start my day off with a guided meditation.  When I start my day like this it grounds me and centers me for the rest of the day.  My process is …

  1. I wake up and scan my mind and body to get an overall sense of how I’m feeling and what my thoughts are.

  2. I sit at the alter I created, light my candle & incense and I bring YouTube up on my phone.  I search guided meditation for (fill in the blank) – Energy, happiness, chakra balancing, manifestation, love, stress relief … you get the idea.

  3. I find a meditation I connect with and I just focus on my breath, being still and present in the moment.

Like I was saying earlier, today I woke up and felt like I needed to ground big time!  I often feel this way when I have a lot on my plate, so I knew it was important to make time for some self care this AM.

Signs you may need to ground include:

  • Feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually drained.

  • Being easily effected by what’s going on around you, especially other people’s’ energy or moods.

  • You lack focus, are irritable, scattered, etc.

  • Feeling ‘spacey’ or lightheaded. Your head is often ‘in the clouds’ – constantly daydreaming.

  • Busyness, constant rushing without being present to the moment.

  • Clumsy, constantly dropping things or running into things.

I found a beautiful meditation today on grounding and when I was done I felt clear, calm and re-centered.  If you’ve tried meditation before and haven’t been successful, don’t give up!  Meditation is about letting go of your expectations and letting the process unfold naturally.  If you haven’t tried meditation before, I highly recommend exploring it!  There are many different forms so play with them all and find what resonates with you most.




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