Returning to Meditation

February 22, 2017

Meditation is one of those practices that I find I can stray from and not completely realize it.  I've only been meditating regularly for a few years, so I still have to make a conscious effort because it doesn't always come with ease.


Recently, I've started to become aware of the break in my daily zen routine.  It's not as if I forget, but lately I've been skipping it more frequently.  I have been telling myself, "I feel pretty good this morning!  If I need to meditate, I'll do it later."  In all actuality, this is total garbage!  We have healthy routines in our lives because they support us in being our best.  We can't just plug into them when it's convenient or when we feel like it.  


My zen morning routine is in place for so many reasons!

* It centers me for my day

* It calms me 

* It helps me to focus on living in the moment 

* Breathing increases the flow of oxygen, which increases the flow of energy 

* It supports me in expressing gratitude 

* It connects me to spirit 


It impacts my day and how I show up in the world, on a large scale!  It wasn't just my meditating that was getting put on the back burner.  Like I said I have a little zen routine and meditation is just a piece of that.  Here's a look into my zen routine ...


1. I sit in front of my alter, light a candle and incense.  I use the same incense so my body is trained to relax when I take in this scent.  


2. I do a guided meditation from YouTube, based on what I'm feeling. 


3. I read my customized mantra that I created to support me in manifesting all that I desire in life.  


4. I play my singing bowl and repeat the 5 Reiki principles 

    * Today I will not be angry 

    * Today I will not worry 

    * Today I will be grateful 

    * Today I will work honest and hard 

    * Today I will be kind to every living thing I come into contact with 


5.  Every other day I also play the singing bowl for my plants.  Plants hold high vibrations and respond really well to the vibrations of a singing bowl.  


So when I start to stray from my meditation, the rest of this follows as well!  I got back into it a few days ago and I felt such a huge shift.  I realized what an impact it has on my state of being.  I feel:  Calmer, more focused, centered, energetic, organized and rooted.  For as many jobs as I juggle, this is an absolute must!


The cool thing about it is, this doesn't even take up a lot of time!  Even if you commit to giving yourself 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night, it will make a big impact!  What you do for those 5 minutes is up to you - honor what you're feeling.  You can:  Meditate, read, stretch, dance, etc.  Even if you just slow down and breathe for 5 minutes, you're doing yourself a world of good - both mentally and physically.  


Join me in saying, "It doesn't matter what I did yesterday.  Today I am recommitting to myself and my healthy routine."  If you don't have one yet, that's ok too!  Commit to starting one today!  If you need support in doing so, just reach out I'm here to support you.  




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