Aging with Style and Grace

March 17, 2017

I know many of you expected this blog to be posted last night, as I announced, but life happens!  Playing right into my theme of this blog, aging with stye and grace, comes cutting ourselves some slack!  


You can have the best intentions sometimes but in all honesty, we have no idea what lies ahead of us from one moment to the next.  In my case, I am doing a lot of professional shifting this week and a blog just wasn't in the cards last night.  


There would have been a time in my life when that would have added more stress and anxiety to my day.  Obsessing about how I announced I was posting a blog at a certain time - then feeling a steady stream of anxiety as the deadline approached and I had nothing or was busy with something else.  Part of aging gracefully is having the ability to go with the flow.  The blog is going out today instead, I didn't stress about it and the world is still turning ... go figure!


I wanted to write this blog because I celebrated a birthday this week - my 37th to be exact.  I felt compelled to write this blog because I know many people freak out about aging, women in particular.  




I feel that aging can be such an epic journey of learning, growing and reaching a particular place of consciousness .... if you're living right right.  What I mean by this is, I see 2 different kinds of people in this world:


I see people that make excuses and live an unconscious life and then I see people that take responsibility and go on a journey of self discovery and development.  


I hear so many people, middle aged and up, that make excuses as to why they cannot be active and the truth of the matter is, most of them are nonsense!  There are people completing Iron Man races into their seventies, others practicing yoga into their 80's, dancing at 90 ... you name it!  You can do anything you want to at any age BUT you have to take care of yourself while you can!


If you have not been taking care of yourself and all of a sudden are aging and starting to show signs of having issues, well no wonder!  Ever heard the phrase use it or lose it? Well that's a true story my friends!  Making activity a lifestyle choice, instead of a New Years resolution that quickly fades, will definitely help you age with style and grace! 


Along with the physical aspect, goes the mental and spiritual one as well.  I've been on an intense personal development journey for close to 7 years now and let me tell ya ... it was KNARLY!  I had to face all kinds of mindsets and behaviors that were no longer serving me and replace them with new healthy ones that would nourish the new me.  I did a lot of shedding and releasing because I had been storing SO MUCH that needed to come up and out of me!  I had to swallow some hard truths about myself and allow them to humble me, instead of anger me.  Then I had to move onto the next truth and repeat the process all over again. 


So what's the point?  Because it's SO worth it!!  I have completely transformed my life and my state of consciousness.  I feel like because of all the work I've done, I truly "get it" and I'm in a super solid place mind, body and spirt.  I can consciously explore life with this awareness, for the rest of my days. 


Every year I'm alive, I am learning, growing and elevating to a new level.  I don't get angry or fearful about aging because each year gets better and better.  It's all a part of our souls journey on this planet.  


If you have negative feelings surrounding aging, start with your mindset.  This is where it's all coming from and can be changed.  This is a really awesome topic to explore with a life coach because they can help you identify the root of it, as well as move through it and create new healthy mindsets.  


I'd be happy to explore this with you!  Feel free to reach out here ....


The moral of this blog is ... embrace your amazingness no matter what age you are!!  If you're not where you want to be, what step can you take TODAY to actively move your life in a different direction? 




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