Magical Mountain Retreat

March 24, 2017

I swear, the universe just knows what you need exactly when you need it!  I woke up today feeling some mind anxiety.  It doesn't happen often and I'm not always aware why - and that's ok.  What I do know is when I feel this way, I'll need to turn to some extra self love/care throughout the day.  


It just so happened, that today is the day I scheduled a tour of the lodge we'll be staying at for our Unplug for Self Love retreat this May.  This tour has been scheduled for over 1 month but it couldn't have landed on a better day!  


The sun was shining and I hit the road with my shades, coffee a scone and some good tunes!  I opened the sun roof, let the wind blow through my hair, the sun shine upon my face and it felt awesome!  I could feel my vibration continue to rise the deeper I drove into the mountains.




I pulled up to an adorable cottage and immediately felt a huge smile on my face knowing I was standing in the driveway of my first retreat location!!  Whatever funk I was feeling that morning, washed away.  I proceeded to tour the house and found myself envisioning where we do all our activities like:  Yoga, meditation, meals, arts and crafts, etc.  


The first thing you notice when you walk in, are these massive floor to ceiling windows with the most stunning view of a river and mountains.  Then you walk out back and there is an epic fire pit area right next to the water.  You can feel nature and amazing energy all around.




Standing outside I couldn't help but reflect on how long hosting retreats has been a dream of mine and now it's actually happening.  Not only is it happening but it's happening in the incredible Pacific Northwest!  When I was in Michigan, I never imagined I'd be standing at a cottage, next to a gorgeous river, in the foot hills of the cascades saying, "This is the spot for my very first retreat!  And it's less than an hour from where I now live."  


Man my life has gotten really freaking cool and I cannot wait for this retreat!!  It's going to be a real life dream coming true for me.  Don't worry if you can't make this one ... I foresee many in the future, however, I know my first one will always hold a special place in my heart.  


I arrived home to a card and check from one of Angela's good friends, who wanted to contribute to our retreat in the name of honoring our fallen friend.  It was no coincidence that this check came on the same day I toured the lodge.  Angela was with me and she was saying hi :)  Her spirit will definitely be present at the retreat!


Here's to the Unplug for Self Love Retreat!  Get ready for epic spiritual adventures in nature ladies :) xxoo



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