Cancer: Are You Fighting It or Feeding It?

March 31, 2017

I want to start this blog out by stating right off the bat .... CANCER SUCKS!  I'm sure we can all agree on that one!  Cancer is so prevalent that we all have either battled it ourselves or know people who have.  


I've also noticed that cancer is happening to younger people all the time!  I'm 37 and I know a number of people I went to high school with that have battled cancer (one who passed) and I recently I just lost a close friend to a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Cancer definitely does not discriminate when it comes to age!  


I felt compelled to write a bog post about the importance of cancer prevention and knowing what can cause cancer.  I want to preface this by saying, you can do everything right and still get cancer at any age.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly exposed to cancer causing elements - whether we like it or not.  This is why it's even more important to do everything that we can to make sure we are actively fighting cancer and not feeding it.  


I wanted to share with you, some of the top cancer contributors and ways you can actively reduce your exposure.


1. Tobacco - This is THE best ways to ensure you will get cancer at some point!  This is the number one cause of cancer and in deaths from cancer as well.  Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, 43 which are known to cause cancer.  Quitting greatly increases your chances of not getting cancer.  


2.  Age - Sorry this is one we can't do anything about!  As we age, lots of things start to go on internally.  Our hormone balances change and our immune systems weaken, increasing our exposure to cancer causing agents.  This is why it's so important to create solid, healthy habits that you engage in consistently and never stop!  The more active and healthy you stay, the less likely you will be to be diagnosed with cancer.   


3. Alcohol - I know, I know, bummer!  However, no one is saying you can't drink ever but just like anything else, it all comes down to moderation.  Basically alcohol is broken down into a toxic chemical and can lower our cells ability to fight off damage. 


4.  Diet - This is an area, we all need to pay special attention too!  Take a good long look at what your eating and ask yourself does it include:  GMO's, non organic produce, canned goods, meat with hormones, processed or fast foods, etc?  If so, you are greatly increasing your risk of getting cancer.  I have many people say to me, "Well Heather eating organic is just too expensive!"  Yeah I agree it totally is but guess what else is really expensive? ... CANCER!  There are thousands of extremely harmful chemicals being sprayed on your fruits and veggies, there are scary hormones being injected into our hormones that end up in our bodies, our cans are lined with toxic materials and there are many crazy chemicals and artificial ingredients in processed and fast foods. Educate yourself on what you are putting into your body.


4.  Radiation - We are exposed to radiation constantly from things such as:  Radio waves, cell phones and cell towers, microwaves, power lines, electrical devices, etc.  Exposure to all of these things over time, can increase our chances of getting cancer.  This is yet another reason why it's healthy to unplug and get out into nature!  


5.  Sunlight - The sun is also radiation, in the form of ultra violet rays (UV rays).  These rays cause early aging to the skin and damage that can cause cancer.  Find a natural sunscreen (that isn't full of chemicals that can also cause cancer) and apply regularly. Consider limiting your time in the sun, as well as covering your skin with clothing and/or wearing a hat.  


6. Cancer causing substances - We are getting bombarded in this department on a daily basis!  From the pollution in our air, to the toxins in our water and on our foods to the thousands of chemicals in our skin care and household products - we are constantly being exposed to things that can harm us.  I feel this is an area that we all really need to educate ourselves because once you start taking a closer look, it's pretty scary!  


These are just 6 items on a VERY long list of items that can cause cancer.  The better question may be, what doesn't cause cancer?!  Another thing that is true about our society is we are reactive not proactive.  We wait until something goes wrong and try to treat that, instead of taking care of ourselves on a regular basis.  


Then when people get cancer they act completely shocked!!  They act like it came out of nowhere and they do not link it back to lifestyle choices and exposure to some of the things we've been talking about.  


Pretend you just found out you have cancer today!  Imagine the Dr. said to you, "You have cancer and it's from ......"


* Eating processed/fast foods 

* Wearing that brand of make up

* Wearing your bluetooth headset 

* Eating non organic produce and meats 

* Using that brand of lotion 

* Cleaning your home with that brand of products 


Would you rewind and care about what you are knowingly exposing yourself too? Would you change your habits if you knew they were giving you cancer?  


You have the choice to actively start fighting cancer and creating good health TODAY!! The odds are against us ... It's super important!  It truly does come down to life and death ...  




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