Why I Decided to Do the Whole30 Program

April 13, 2017

I started the Whole30 program on Monday!  For those of you who are not familiar with this program, it's pretty much exactly what is sounds like ... eating whole foods for 30 days.  The biggest things I'm eliminating are processed sugar, alcohol, dairy and grains. It's very similar to Paleo, however it's more strict.  Paleo allows sugars that are unrefined and Whole30 does not.  


So why did I decide to do this?  Many of you who follow my social media platforms and/or my blog, know that I've been having various signs that my internal health is off. The biggest symptom being painful flareups, or what appears to be eczema, resulting in rashes and hives.  The other mysterious thing is these flareups are isolated to my face.  


If I had to trace it back, I would say I've been developing sensitivities ever since I donated my liver.  During that surgery, my gallbladder was also removed - which serves an important function when it comes to digestion.  Often times, once your gut health is thrown off balance, it can take quite a bit of conscious work to restore it.  


I have been on a journey of eliminating products I use on my skin, food I eat, cleanses, creams, naturopaths, blood tests .... you name it!  I recently had a blood test done that tests for sensitivities in nearly 100 foods and guess what .... it came back spotless.  And I mean not even an ounce of a sensitivity reflected!  My naturopath even said it's the cleanest one she'd ever seen.  I guess in that moment I should have been happy but instead I found myself pissed and frustrated!  I had set the expectation that I was going to learn something profound about my body - which would allow me to make all this nonsense stop!  That was not at all the case and I felt like I was back at square one.


I decided to explore my internal health on my own because test or no test, I can feel something is off.  This is when I started to look at doing the Whole30 because I've heard a lot of good things about it.  It's not a fast or cleanse, it's just whole food eating and giving your body a healthy break. I figured it certainly can't hurt and in fact will be really good for me! A friend came up to me at Orangetheory and had a number of the same symptoms I did.  She even had a sensitivity test come back clean for her as well. She did the Whole30 and discovered she does in fact have sensitivities. 


So here I am - day #3 of the my Whole30 journey!  So far I feel really great and I'm trying new things in the kitchen.  I can see and feel my skin detoxing a bit, which I totally expected.  I also went and visited a good friend of mine today, Andrea, who is a holistic guru.  She is dabbling in iridology (the study of your eyes to learn about your body) and conducted a session for me.  Let me just say - fascinating!  I learned a lot about where my skin issues are coming from, as well as some of my other digestive symptoms.  It was such a cool appointment, that I learned so much from.  It's going to have to be a separate blog post so stay tuned!


She also recommended I reduce my animal protein and integrate more raw meals to help detox.  By eliminating sugar, grains and dairy (which are all inflammatory) I will know I will begin to restore my internal health.  


I will be sharing my Whole30 journey on my social media page.  If you'd like to follow me you can do so at




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