Iridology: What You Can Learn About Your Health Through Your Eyes

April 20, 2017

Have you ever heard of Iridology?  Iridology, by definition, is "(in alternative medicine) diagnosis by examination of the Iris."  Yep that's right - did you know you can learn volumes about your internal health through your eyeballs? 


I first was introduced to this technique in the early 2000's, when I was receiving my massage certification.  I took iridology as one of my electives and I was completely fascinated.  It's hard to believe, but every minute detail in your eye has a meaning and another correlation in your body somewhere.  You can even see genetic patters in there as well!  I never pursued any additional certifications but it's always intrigued me big time!  



Fast forward to present day, and the wide array of disturbances I've had in my health force from sensitivities, to rashes, to hives ... I've had my share of signs my internal health is off.  I've tried all kinds of things including cleanses, working with a naturopath, supplements, eliminations ... you name it i've been open to it! I've experienced some relief but I cannot say i've completely gotten to the bottom of what's been going on.


I have an awesome friend, Andrea, who has quite an impressive background.  She's my holistic guru and is such a wealth of knowledge for me.  She decided to start educating herself in the field of Iridology, although to become "certified" is quite an extensive process!  I decided to reach out and ask her if it would be helpful to schedule an appointment, based on what she knows has been going on with me.  She felt really confident that we could discover everything we needed to know, to come up with a course of treatment. 


I went to her place one afternoon last week for my appointment and it was super cool! She took close up photos of each eye and then we blew it up on the computer so we could see every tiny detail.  It was super neat!  


She then proceeded to document and go over everything she saw.  She talked about colors, shades, shapes patterns, genetics, etc.  Every single symptom I've been having, was reflected right there in my eye.  After that she educated me on what systems/organs I needed to focus on detoxing and strengthening.  Then she gave me her recommendations on how to do so using herbal remedies.  



I would highly recommend checking it out to see what you can learn about your internal health and even pre disposed genetics!  I'll keep you all posted on my progress, based on the knowledge I learned in this appointment!  



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