I've Completed the Whole30 ... Now What?

May 11, 2017

I have officially completed the Whole30 program today!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Whole30 plan, it's pretty much what it sounds like ... whole food eating for 30 days. The biggest things I have eliminated are dairy, grains and refined sugars.  


So let's talk results!  Here are the things I have noticed after 30 days ...


* I have more energy

* I have more mental focus and clarity 

* I am experiencing way less bloating 

* My skin has cleared up immensely and is even slightly glowing (this is HUGE and one of the major reasons I did this in the first place!)

* My body is slimming down and toning

*  My digestion is better 


From a physical standpoint, I also lost 5.8 lbs and dropped .5 in my body fat%. Although this is awesome, it's not why did this. I didn't even take any starting pictures. I am doing this for my internal health and to get things back on track - so I can reduce some of the not so fun symptoms I've been experiencing. After receiving signs for months that my health was not where it needed to be, I knew I had to take drastic steps.  


Over the past year, I have learned that the adjustment of having my gall bladder removed, during my liver donation, had many long term effects I was clueless about. Ever since, my body has been adjusting and I have been learning about my body. I need to give it the proper environment it needs to be as healthy as possible.  Completing the Whole30 was a big step in doing so.


So what's next?  Well I'm going to keep going.  I have started an herbal regime to boost all of my internal functions and that can take a long time, sometimes even years!  Does this mean I'm not going to have sugar, dairy or grains for years? No.  But it does mean that this is what my body needs to heal right now and I'm going to honor that. Moving forward this is going to be my primary way to eat, and I'll moderately choose my treats.  

I'm going to be super mindful of sugar because sugar is a slippery slope!  You have a little and all of a sudden you're binging on ice cream and cookies!  Also, if you are healing from any kind of gut imbalance or fungal growth, refined sugars are something you want to stay away from all together until you get it cleared up.  


This is a short term sacrifice for my long term health and wellbeing ...definitely worth it! If you have any questions about the Whole30 Program, don't hesitate to reach out. I highly recommend it.  Stay tuned as I continue my journey ... 


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