Our Magical Mountain Retreat

May 26, 2017

Some of you may be wondering where I've been this past week.  I did not publish a newsletter this week or last week and didn't blog either.  That's because I was in full retreat prep mode! I was putting 100% of my heart and soul into bringing my A game for these ladies!


Last weekend was the big Unplug for Self Love Retreat, you've been hearing me talk so much about.  I have been planning this retreat for months including details like where it would be, every activity, the personal development exercises, healthy meals to satisfy various lifestyles, the gift baskets, etc.  I put a ton of time, energy and love into this retreat - along with amazing intentions.  


I asked two of my girlfriends to be involved as well, and I knew they would bring incredible amounts of love, energy and knowledge as well.  


Andrea is a holistic health and nutrition coach, who is a complete wealth of knowledge when it comes to healing through nutrition.  She held an awesome health chat on Friday night that ended with an amazing healthy dinner and dessert.  We all learned a lot from her discussion and there were many ah ha moments.




I also invited Meg who is not only my close friend, but a badass yogi as well!  We had a few women with injuries/limitations and a few who were new to yoga, at the retreat. Meg found a  way to provide everyone exactly what they needed.  She weaved them through a beautiful dance of meditation, self reflection and yoga.  It didn't hurt that we just happened to be experiencing abnormally incredible weather in the Pacific Northwest and the girls got to attend yoga outside with a view of the river and mountains.  Talk about some serious namaste action!  




It's taken me a few days to process the experience we all shared.  It's also taken me a few days to completely reclaim my energy because I gave so much of myself on so many levels.  The bottom line is ... You can do all of the planning in the world but you cannot plan divine connection.  


My intentions were to create a space where women could come to:  Feel empowered, re-connect with themselves, be inspired and find permission to put themselves first. For a few days we unplugged from Facebook, routines,  responsibilities and just focused on self love and being present.  What transpired was beautiful and powerful on so many different levels! Each one of the women at this retreat made profound shifts in such a short amount of time. I was blessed to be a part of it and it was really cool to witness.  


We came together as strangers and left as sisters - that's something you cannot plan. However, it is an intention you can put into the universe and it's the one thing I really focused on when creating this retreat.  Love ~ light ~ connection ~ empowerment ~ self love and we nailed all of those areas!


This retreat was beyond my wildest expectations from the weather, to the incredible lodge we stayed in, to birds eating out of our hands and incredible soul building exercises ... There is nothing I would change. Every single woman at this retreat was in 100% and I could feel that from the start.  We shared, laughed, cried, empowered each other and bonded.  When women come together to lift each other up - there is nothing more powerful! 




I felt so divinely connected to my true passion and power this weekend and I felt myself break through the glass ceiling that's been keeping me at the same level in my life and business. I left feeling so incredibly empowered knowing this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.  All weekend I was asking myself, "Is this really my life?" I was overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude.  


I want to send a sincere thank you to every woman who attended this retreat and trusted me enough to pull it off lol!  We even had 3 people fly in from out of state to attend and that's a huge compliment to me. People have asked me what my favorite part of the weekend was and believe it or not, that's ended up being easy to answer. We had a closing ceremony where we revisited our intentions we set for the weekend. We also passed around our altar item so everyone could breathe a word of intention into and take everyone's energy home.  In that moment I could see and feel the deep impact the retreat had on every single person there. I also had to take in the amazing things these women were saying about me personally, which isn't always a comfortable space for me. This time I just took it all in and let it really touch my heart.  Seeing the ripple I put into the world through each of these women, humbled me to my core.  




 All I could say when everyone left is ... "I can't wait to do it again!" The response surrounding this retreat has been overwhelming in the best possible way! It's clear to me that there is a big want and need for this and ladies I plan to provide in a big way! :)


So what's next ....

I've got some big goals for this year that will end with my next EPIC retreat!  As many of you know, I recently completed my Mind~Body~Spirit workbook that is designed to help you THRIVE on every level. Therefore, I'm going to center my next retreat around this workbook and turn it into a 4 day retreat that will impact every area of your life! It's going to be in in January in, or around, the Seattle area. We will explore all things mind~body~spirit and you will leave with a solid plan to ROCK your goals in the new year.  More details to come ...


If you are interested in being notified about this retreat as information becomes available, please shoot me a message here letting me know.  

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