If You're Uncomfortable You're Probably Doing It Right..

June 16, 2017

Fear has 2 meanings either Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.  I see so many people settle for less than in their lives because they are scared. Have you ever made the decision to leave a long term relationship? Have you ever taken the leap and left your corporate job? Have you ever tried something so new, it terrifies you? If so, you know that's what is typically on the other side of that fear, which is tremendous growth.


I used to be one of those people that liked to plan everything and didn't really seek stepping outside of my comfort zone. I wouldn't say I was a "shy" or "fearful" person either but what I can tell you is when fear was triggered, I wanted to retreat right back to my comfort zone. When this used to happen I was operating under the "forget everything and run" model for sure! I would stick to my plan, work hard and rarely deviate. Looking back, I was missing all kinds of signs and opportunities because I was so focused on how I thought things were "supposed" to be.  


I started an intense personal development journey in 2010. I started what I thought was a diet and it turned into a super crazy personal development journey I never could have planned! When I started that journey I was a broken woman.  I was stressed, overweight, a smoker and an ultra control freak. I really was not engaging in too may positive or healthy behaviors at that time. To go from that person to the human I am today which is a - healthy, zen, entrepreneur, wanderlusting, hippie ... took A LOT of work! 


I tell my clients all the time, it's like peeling a giant onion one layer at a time. You'll peel back a layer - expose old habits and mindsets that are no longer serving you - work, work, work - release, release, release .... then move on to the next layer and start all over again. I don't bullshit with people!  I tell them straight up this kind of work is the hardest you'll do ... but SO incredibly worth it! I'm referring to the people that really want to get rid of their mental and emotional baggage - lay all their shit out on the table - own it - release it and create new positive habits and behaviors. That's some hard stuff! You'll often feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster of extreme highs and lows. Most definitely you'll experience periods of exhaustion and will ask yourself repeatedly, "will I ever get to the other side of this?" The answer is yes you will.


What you do have on the other side of it is YOUR authentic truth and an overwhelming sense of self. You look at life through a different set of eyes and most importantly you actually start to welcome fear!! You will start to realize that every time fear is present when you embrace it and allow yourself to learn and grow through it ... really cool stuff starts to happen. 


Learn to face those fears and embrace the lessons life is trying to teach you! I promise you it's coming up for a reason and will continue to show up until you grow through it. Now every time I'm triggered by fear I tell myself, "ooohhhhhh something cool's about to happen!"


Slow down - listen to the voice that's guiding you - face your fears - learn your lessons and reap your rewards :)  


If you're feeling overwhelmed to tackle this on your own the good news is, you don't have too! This is an awesome topic to work with a life coach on. Shoot me a note here and let me know what's been holding you back in life. 

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