How to Find Calm in the Middle of Your Storm

June 22, 2017

You know the saying, "when it rains it pours?"  Of course you do!  It's a saying for a reason.  This is one of those phrases that I'm sure everyone uses in their lifetime at least once and that's because it's a feeling everyone experiences.


Sometimes when life deals us blows, it doesn't always feel like we're in a fair fight. In fact, often it can feel like we're getting jumped and are on the ground taking sucker punches from every direction. 


Recently it's been one of those times for me. I feel like the universe is throwing a whole lot of big stuff at me, in just about every area of my life. I can see and feel a lot of shifting going on in and around me and that has me feeling anxious, un-grounded and somewhat emotional. 


I wanted to write about my experience in a blog post (as well as share what I do to navigate through times like this) for a few reasons.  One, as I mentioned earlier, everyone goes through it and could use some healthy tools.  Second, I know there are people that have the perception that my life is zen and happy all the time.  That because I'm a life coach, I don't have bad days.  This is so not true! This may come as a big surprise but I'm human too.  I experience the same highs and lows that everyone else does. I've just learned how to navigate them with self love.


Where I see the big difference lies in priorities. I'll share with you what my top 3 priorities are, that make all the difference in navigating this wild ride we call life with grace.


1. I have made it a non negotiable to invest in myself in every aspect of life.

2. My self care is my priority ... Period! 

3. I honor where I'm at no matter what. 


So I wanted to share with you what that looked like for me today. I woke up and life felt really heavy. My mind was swirling with thoughts and my body was churning with emotions. I instantly knew I had to re-evaluate my day and create a little time for myself. This is where I see most people make a wrong turn. Most of us are creatures of control - don't be embarrassed or angry about it I certainly used to be! We create these lists and stories about what HAS to be done and exactly how our day is going to go. So what happens when you wake up and you're sick?  How about when you're sad? Or what about when you're stressed? 99% of people would say nothing changes, I push through and get my shit done. Creating and attracting more sickness, sadness, stress and so the cycle repeats. 


Let me share with you what I do instead.  Today the first thing I did was scrap my plans to immediately grind through a bunch of work and I made self care my new priority. I unplugged from technology and I thought about things I could tap into that would allow me to feel joy! I decided to go to a huge nursery and purchase some indoor/outdoor plants. I absolutely love plants and they have the highest vibration on the planet! They can instantly lift your mood :) I also love to put my hands in the dirt and feel the earth.  This can be an incredibly grounding activity (something I was desperately needing). I also find music extremely therapeutic and something many people don't know about me is I love to sing. I never sing in front of others and my jam zone is my car. Today the sun was out, I opened the sunroof and sang my little heart out! Between the plants and the singing, I could feel my aura shifting.


Today I honored where I was at, rolled with the punches, made myself a priority and re-centered myself.  Guess what? All my work is still waiting for me this afternoon! Only this time, I'll bring a better attitude and a calmer demeanor to the people I interact with.


Your #1 priority is YOU! Take a look at your current list ... is that where you're at? If not, what needs to change for this to happen? You cannot fulfill the lives of others from an empty cup ... 




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