What Your Facebook Newsfeed Says About YOU!

July 6, 2017

I can't even tell you how many times I hear people saying, "I can't stand Facebook anymore because it's so negative" or "my newsfeed is filled with nothing but doom, gloom, anger and complaining!" Well buckle up folks cause this blog is gonna deliver some hard truths. 


What if I told you that your Facebook news feed is a mirror offering you a glimpse inside yourself.  What you are putting out, you are getting right back. Everything from our thoughts, mindsets, and actions put an energy into the world and that energy attracts things back to us. This is why when things are going really great, it seems like nothing can go wrong. Same is true when things are bad. The saying is true, "when it rains it pours." We are actively manifesting everything that is showing up in our lives every moment, of every day.


So how does this apply to your Facebook newsfeed?  Simple! If you scroll through your newsfeed and see nothing but negativity, then I guarantee if you look inside (with an honest and open mind) you will find that negativity resides somewhere inside of you. 


There is nothing random about Facebook. What shows up in your newsfeed does so because it's what Facebook sees you interacting with most.  That's why there are giving you more ... you're asking for it! Every time you stop to comment, like, love, smile, cry or leave a wow face, Facebook is taking note and feeding you more of the same content. 


So if you're sick of seeing crazy political posts, then stop interacting with them! If you're tired of seeing people complain, then stop leaving an angry face and instead just keep scrolling. If you don't want to see comments that have no substance, then quit leaving your 2 cents on posts without substance.


When people have negative things to say about their news feeds, I think to myself "wow my newsfeed is not like that at all!" My newsfeed is filled with people expressing gratitude in my 365 Days in Gratitude Challenge. People from my OT Milly fit fam posting about how they are crushing life and accomplishing amazing things. My coaching clients  taking scary steps. My fellow life coaching friends out there changing the world.  My family making it possible for me to see special moments I'm missing. Lastly, hikers and wanderlusters accomplishing EPIC stuff and inspiring me.  If I see negativity or posts that add zero value to my life, I click unfollow. I have no space for negativity or ignorance on my newsfeed and that is reflective of the energy I keep in my life as well. 


If your Facebook newsfeed isn't what you want it to be then what do YOU need to do to attract some better substance? It can be a really amazing tool if you stay humble and open to growing. If you want to see more positivity in your newsfeed, then how can you be more positive in your own life? If you want to see more inspiration, how can you be more inspiring? If you want to see less complaining, are there areas in your own life where you can do less complaining? If you want to see more stories of substance, how can you provide more substance in this world?


Don't get me wrong, I also fully support unplugging and doing technology cleanses as well (no matter how positive your newsfeed is.) There is a great big world out there off Facebook!  There is so much wasted time spent aimlessly scrolling through social media news feeds. Get out and live a life that people are inspired to follow on social media! Be the one who is out there living, doing and inspiring - not the one who is sitting at home liking everything everyone else is out doing.  


At the end of the day, if Facebook is not adding any value or substance into your life - then why are you on it? That makes no sense at all! 


Moral of this blog is ... If you want your Facebook newsfeed to rock then focus on making your life rock! 




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