The Universe Has Your Back

July 12, 2017

When you read the title of this blog, the first thing that may come to mind is the widely popular book, "The Universe Has Your Back," by Gabrielle Bernstein. It's a New Your Times Bestseller and you can't go anywhere without hearing about it or talking to someone who is reading it. I plan to read it but have not yet. I know why it's so popular and what it's all about before I even pick it up. How? Because those of us who have learned to trust the Universe no matter what, know exactly what it feels like for the Universe to have our backs.


The idea for blog post came from a few experiences I've had recently that speak to this theory. First I want to say this concept of trusting the Universe no matter what, is a new one for me! I'm a recovering control freak, who lived unconsciously for many years, missing all of the signs the Universe was trying to send me. Still learning lessons for sure, but I was definitely not connected to the Universe what-so-ever. 


Over the course of a 5 year time period, I went on a complete journey of self. I released what was no longer serving me and made my mind, body and spirit as positive and strong as I could. I then completed an intense 6 month life coaching certification, which is what brought everything I had been working on together. All the lessons and mindsets I thought I would never thought I would get through, I was now standing on the other side of. I never gave up investing in myself and I literally felt like I was at the top of a massive mountain - exploding with my authentic self! It has been the most amazing journey that I will continue to be dedicated to for the rest of my life.


I still went into my life coaching classes, afraid to fully release control to the Universe. Sometimes I would but when it came to really big and scary things, I would sink back into my old mindset of needing to feel in control. At the end of those transformational 6 months, something big in me shifted. I had never felt more connected, clear, grounded and centered in my life.  The signs and messages from the Universe continued to get stronger and stronger. I remember saying to myself, "You've tried the other way before and it hasn't worked. It's time to trust in something much bigger."  I decided to let go completely and follow the signs I was receiving with blind faith. 


I was tested a number of times on big and scary levels! Like standing at the top of a cliff, looking into nothing but black and hearing a little voice that says, "trust ... jump" kind of scary! Each time I was brave and followed through, I received signs that the Universe had my back.


As many of you know, I'm starting to host my dream retreats and I'm also writing my first book. I have had doubts in both of these areas but each time a doubt arises, I receive a sign from the Universe that this is the path I'm supposed to be on and to keep moving forward. 

A few awesome examples I'd like to share with you ... The first is in regards to writing and publishing my first book (something I know nothing about). From the beginning of this process, I've put and intention out into the Universe that I will remain open, ready to learn and to be lead to my teachers. Every step of the way, things have fallen into place perfectly! As soon as I finished writing it, a friend sent me a note about a non fiction writers conference taking place.  I knew it was a sign, so I enrolled and it provided me with all of the tools and resources I needed to get started in self publishing. I also had a local friend step up and offer to proofread for me, who just happened to be in the publishing industry for years and was most familiar with my genre. Not only that, but she is doing so complimentary, saving me close to $2k. Every resource I've needed has presented itself at the right time.


I'm also getting lots of signs with my retreats as well.  Just today, I had a friend reach out and offer to design my retreat flyer for free because of the impact I've made in her life over the years. I just put out what I'm needing into the Universe and it shows up! Not only that but the owner of the retreat location is holding it, free of charge, until November for me. 


The Universe is saying, "Run Heather - I've got your back!" I would be a fool not to listen.


We are such incredibly powerful manifesters but we have to be willing to release control and trust that the Universe has out backs ... because she totally does :) 




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