Day 4: Exploring Our Heart Chakra

July 27, 2017

Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra

Mantra: I listen to my heart and honor its connection with others. I live a life lead by loving myself and others.  


We can never have too much love flowing through our heart chakra. This chakra correlates with feelings of the heart including love, compassion and beauty. This is also where our ability to forgive resides. Let’s explore our heart chakra further …


Location:  Your heart chakra (or fourth chakra) is located in your heart center.

Color: Green


Key Characteristics of the heart chakra are:

* Love for oneself and others   

* Relationships

* Compassion, empathy

* Forgiveness, acceptance  

* Transformation, change  

* Center of awareness and insights


Signs your heart chakra is not balanced:

* Being overly defensive

* Feeling shut down

* Codependency, relying on validation  

* Putting oneself in the role of the rescuer or the exact opposite - the victim

* Excessive isolation, antisocial

* Holding grudges, unable to forgive


Ways to balance your heart chakra:

* Cultivate your ability to share love and gratitude daily  

* Have a solid self love/care plan in place  

* Engage in activities that allow you to tap into the joy in your heart

* Focus on receiving if you're always giving - this has to be an even exchange of energy

* Eat foods like green veggies, green fruit, basil, mint, sage and wheat grass 

* Heal old wounds and release what’s no longer serving you  

* Surround yourself with green

* Use scents like rose, geranium, neroli, ylang ylang, jasmine, and bergamot

* Seek out Reiki healing

* Do a meditation centered around tapping into your heart




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