Day 5: Exploring Our Throat Chakra

July 25, 2017

Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra

Mantra: I am connected to my authentic truth and I think before I speak. I effective and respectful when I communicate.   


I’m a fan of this chakra as well because it’s all about speaking your authentic truth. This is also where your communication center is and as we know, communication is key. It’s also the bridge between your heart and your brain.


Location:  Your throat chakra (or fifth chakra) is located in your throat.

Color: Turquoise


Key Characteristics of the throat chakra are:

* Self expression    

* Communication  

* Speaking your truth

* Ability to articulate ideas   


Signs your throat chakra is not balanced:

* Lack of control over one’s speech  

* Lack of ability to listen to others  

* Excessive fear of speaking   

* Lack of ability to keep secrets, or one’s word   

* Extreme shyness  

* Disconnection from purpose in life  

* Depression/anxiety

* Thyroid problems

* Sore throat/neck

* Frequent sinus and upper respiratory issues 

* Allergies - especially ones not responding to medications 


Ways to balance your throat chakra:

* Drink more water throughout the day   

* Sing   

* Journal  

* Speak it out

* Cleanse the air with an air purifier  

* Speak out positive affirmations 

* Drink liquids such as water, soups, warm teas and cool juices (avoid dairy)   

* Surround yourself with turquoise

* Use scents like jasmine, rosemary, sandalwood, calendula, and ylang ylang

* Seek out Reiki healing

* Do a meditation centered around speaking your truth or communication




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