The Special Bond Between a Mother and Daughter

August 7, 2017

I'm aware that not every mother and daughter have a close relationship. However, for those of us who do, I'm sure we'd all agree there is no stronger bond. 


Growing up, my mom and I had the typical mother daughter relationship full of the normal, "you're ruining my life" and "I'm moving out" moments.  When I came out of the teenage haze and started to become a real human again, my mom and I  became closer. 


The older I get, the more I realize that I'm just like my mom and that's a good thing. My mom has inspired me to be be independent, courageous, hard working and unique. We also went on an intense spiritual journey around the same time, which has brought us closer on a deeper level. 


My mom and I have never done much traveling together - just the two of us.  In fact, we figured out the last time we did was when I was in college close to 17 years ago (eek!) She decided to come out and visit me in Seattle last week and it's a trip we've been planning for over a year.


She stepped into my world fully and we had an amazing time together!  We ran all over the place and experienced all kinds of neat things. We did SO much in the week that she was here, I thought I'd share with you my top 5 highlights from our time together.


#1 - Orcas Island - This was without a doubt both of our favorites. I've wanted to take my mom to Orcas for over 3 years because it's such a special place to me. We stayed in a tent cabin at my favorite place and it was so cool to share something so special with my mom. We cooked amazing food, shopped and ate in Eastsound and explored Moran State Park. It's definitely something I'll remember for the rest of my life.




#2 - Naked Dance Party - Ok I'm fully aware this one will need a bit of a back story lol. One night my mom and I watched my new favorite documentary, Embrace. It's all about loving and accepting yourself and your body completely.  The next day I was coming out of the shower ... naked and she was in my room getting ready to shower ... also naked. We both looked at each other and simultaneously began to dance and sing about how we embrace and love our bodies.  It was an awesome moment - one I'll look back on and laugh about for the rest of eternity.  Mom - you're the best :)


#3 - Celebrating with food - Whether it was her favorite small plates restaurant, fresh salmon on the beach, homemade ice cream, Frans Chocolate or scones and boysenberry jam at sunrise ... we celebrated with food! I'm Italian and come from a family of foodies. I love nothing more then to run around experiencing as many different kinds of food as I can. My mom and I really enjoyed ourselves and created memories through delicious food. My fellow foodies I know you get me - when you are creating memories and pair that with amazing food ... it just enriches the memory and makes it as sweet as possible. We all have foods and scents that immediately transport us back to our childhood. Take for example the boysenberry jam.  My mom has vivid memories of eating that with her father when she was a child. It even was enough to elicit an emotional response when she saw it at the farmers market because he  is no longer with us.  We did the only appropriate thing which was purchase that boysenberry jam, find a good scone and celebrate him at our little piece of heaven on the water.  Now boysenberry jam and scones will link me to my papa and mom. Good food is so powerful :)




#4 - Sound Bath - Something else I've wanted to introduce my mom too are sound baths. I've been attending them since I moved to Seattle but they do not have them in Michigan yet. My favorite local practitioner, Amber West, set up a private sound bath for my mom and a few of my friends. It was really neat to get to share that with her and I can think of not better way to introduce her to holistic components of my world! It's also where she got to meet some of my closest friends so that was great.


#5 - Being present - Above all of our fun adventures I was really focused on being present in whatever we were doing.  Whether it was meditating in the morning, going on our walks, watching the sunset on the beach, or catching up over a cup of tea. I was fully present and enjoying every moment.  


This trip was full of memories we've created that will last long after either of us are gone. It was so special on so many levels :) If you haven't taken a one on one trip with your mom do it before it's too late. 







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