How Safe Is Your Deodorant?

August 18, 2017


Today's blog is going to be about something I'm outspokenly passionate about and that is the products we put on our skin. More specifically - deodorant. 


What I see often are people that are ultra sensitive to what they put IN their body but pay no attention to what they put ON their body. Truth be told, there is more of a danger to what you put on your skin because it's immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, with no filtration. When you eat something, your saliva and enzymes help to break down the food and assist in flushing some of what's toxic out of the body. 


I have a question for you ... If you are someone who is following a lifestyle whether it be organic, gluten free, dairy free or vegan - do you apply those same principles to all the things you put on your skin as well? If you are suffering from symptoms like inflammation, hives, rashes, allergies and sensitivities - are you looking at the products you use to clean your home? Unfortunately it's not enough to just focus on what in our food anymore. The skin is the largest organ of the body and what it comes into contact with is just as important, if not more important! 


I could honestly write an individual blog post on every household item, detergent and skin care product out there and maybe I will one day.  But for this blog post we're going to focus on deodorant because it's a biggie!


Deodorants and anti perspirants are scary products! Why? Because they contain high quantities of chemicals and hormone disruptors. You hear the word "paraben" being thrown around but it's just a fancy word for preservative. So pretty much a paraben is fake shit found in just about everything we use. 


Parabens are being linked to things like:

* Endocrine system issues 

* Developmental dysfunctions 

* Reproductive abnormalities 

* Neurological disorders 

* Alzheimers 

* Allergies 

* Immune disorders 


When reading through the ingredients, look for anything with paraben in the name. You may also see names like butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben as well. All equally as dangerous.


Not only do you have to be aware of parabens but pesticides as well. Despite being registered as a pesticide with the Environmental Protection Agency, an antibacterial agent called triclosan is commonly found in deodorants (and several soaps and other personal care products).Triclosan is flagged as a risk to both human health and the environment, and animal studies have shown it alters hormone regulation and contributes to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Research has also linked triclosan with allergies, weight gain, inflammatory responses and thyroid dysfunction, and there are concerns it may interfere with fetal development in pregnant women. This is just one potential chemical and it's side effects.  


As if these things aren't scary enough, we still haven't even talked about aluminum yet! The very ingredient put in to help you "not sweat" is one of the scariest ingredients of them all. Aluminum is added to block sweat glands but also mimics estrogen and promotes the growth of breast cancer cells. Our bodies are designed to sweat, they need to sweat! It's the bodies natural way of ridding itself of toxins. When we attempt to block that natural process, it can be highly toxic. 


The good news is, there are many safer alternatives out there.  The bad news is, most of them don't work lol.  Take it from someone who has tried them all - it can be an interesting and stinky process :)  It's definitely worth it though!  


Here are my tips on switching to natural deodorant ...


1. Know going into it that you are going to go through a bit of a detox process. Your body is going to flush out toxins and that may be slightly unpleasant. You may sweat more and notice more of an odor.  This is completely normal!  Your body is getting rid of toxins and cleaning itself :) This will subside. 


2. Everyone's body composition is different so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Try different natural deodorants with different bases and ingredients and see what works for you. You can even try making your own (although be careful with baking powder it can really cause skin irritation. I learned that the hard way!)


3. Read labels! Don't just assume because something is in a health store or says "natural" that it's safe. Look up ingredients and educate yourself on what to avoid. The very best thing to do is download the EWG (Environmental Working Group) app into your phone and scan everything before using. This app is awesome for food and self care products. It shows you exactly how toxic something is and assigns it a safety rating. I personally have made the commitment to not use any products unless they have been rated with a 1 or 2.  This includes all makeup, skin care, hair care products ... pretty much anything that comes in contact with my skin. You can check out EWG here


In my search for a natural deodorant high and low, I'm happy to say i've found one I really love called Piperwai. You may recognize it because the founders were on Shark Tank. Instead of using baking soda it has an active charcoal base, which is great for absorbing odor and wetness. They are still working on their stick formula/consistency so I recommend the jar format if you decide to try it. It's aluminum free and contains natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E so it's great for sensitive skin. It also contains 11 essential oils so it's smells really fresh. Their blend is designed to neutralize odor not just cover it up.  Here's there website if you'd like to check it out


At the end of the day and in the morning am I a little spicy? Yeah but guess what - I'm ok with that if it means I'm less likely to contract breast cancer! And again this is what our body is designed to do. This tells me my body is ridding itself of toxins that can harm me and that I'm healthier for it :)




At the end of the day I simply want to inspire you to educate yourself on what you're using on your body. Possibly even motivate you to take the natural jump yourself! Either way I'm all about spreading awareness of how we can be more in control of our health.  Cause we're all so worth it :)


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