How to Handle Getting Hit by a Massive Curve Ball

September 14, 2017

I was let go from job yesterday very suddenly, in fact a handful of us were. I will say, they did it in style too! A last minute mandatory meeting was planned and we were told our new manager would be announced. 


The meeting began and it was a really positive meeting. My boss is leaving to start his next adventure and we were discussing how we were going to make it a smooth and positive experience for our staff and members.  We then introduced ourselves to our new manager and ended the meeting. 


I was asked to stay after to show our new manager how I handle our company leads but I soon learned that wasn't the real reason. One by one, the big boss man took my co-workers and family members, into an office and when they emerged I could tell by the look on their face what was going down and I was next on the chopping block.


The boss man came out of the office and said, "Heather are you ready to talk about leads?" I went in, sat down and was handed a piece of paper with a bunch of words on it. I was told I was being let go and that I was "untrustworthy." All of this because I am potentially considering employment elsewhere next year and they caught wind of it. 


The one area in my life I allow room for arrogance is my work ethic. I am an extremely hard worker, I have been in customer service/management for over 15 years and my people skills are top notch. Just because there were potential opportunities for me in the future does not, and has not, taken away from the work I was doing. Every day I logged in I gave 110%. I was fired because I dare to dream about my future.  I was fired because I care about my own dreams more than I care about the corporation I work for. I was fired because I put more thought into my own future than the future of the company. This will be the second time in my corporate career that I have put my heart and soul into my job and have been let go with nothing more than a slap in the face.  This is why I chose to become a soulful entrepreneuer in the first place!


I was let go with zero notice and that can be terrifying for someone living pay check to pay check. Here's the good stuff I want to share with you because I believe I have 2 choices right now. 


1. I can amplify my fear by allowing it to take over. I can easily think things like, "holy shit I just lost my job!", "how am I going to pay my bills?" "what am I going to do??" And guess what this will attract more of?  Fear! Nothing positive or productive can come out of living in a fearful state. 


2. I can trust ... Trust that this is happening for a reason.  Trust it's happening exactly when it's supposed too. Trust that it's for my highest good. Trust that nothing bad is going to happen to me. Trust that I am loved and supported. 


As humans, we create so many stories in our heads. We set timelines, deadlines and goals when really we have zero control over what happens and when it may happen. When we allow ourselves to become so fixated on a destination we've created and that destination ends up changing - it can really throw us for a loop! Feeling that sudden uncertainty can trigger fear, worry, anxiety and stress. But it doesn't have too ...


As I was sitting there yesterday, teetering between #1 & #2, I made the conscious decision to TRUST. I trust in my path and I know the Universe has great things in store for me. I can't just trust when I'm being shown the good and easy stuff. I have to trust when times are dark that this is all part of the plan for me. I have to trust that when doors close it's because a window is opening for me somewhere else. 


I was also reminded, yet again, yesterday why I chose to leave corporate America a number of years ago. To them you are a number, a dollar sign and a "thing" that can be replaced at any time. My life's work is in direct conflict with that belief! I work every day to help people find their voice and their self worth. I support them in loving themselves completely and showing up in the world the best version of themselves. 


When you are thrown a curve ball you have 2 choices - fear or trust. I know that by sharing my story, some of you may be inspired to trust next time you are feeling fearful. I will continue to share my gifts with the world and one thing I know for sure ... Every little thing is gonna be alright :) 





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