The Importance of Honoring Where You're at No Matter What ...

October 10, 2017

My blog posts come to me based on experiences I'm having. I also know it's the Universes way of using me as a tool to help others. Over the weekend I experienced something that I had to blog about because I know a lot of people will be able to relate to it. 


Over the weekend I was reminded of the importance of honoring where I am, even though sometimes I really don't want to! It all started Friday night when I received personal news that had a significant impact on me. 


For those of you who read my blog post last week on being an empath, you know that I feel things very deeply. This situation led me to a lot of meditating, feeling & expressing emotions, and sending energy to loved ones. I have also found that when I am going through something, I tend to get very introspective and quiet. When I'm in this state, I find I'm extra sensitive to groups of people and I want to be at home.


On Saturday I just so happened to have a girls night planned, complete with crafts and cocktails ... my all time favorite combo! I was SO looking forward to this event for weeks! Leading up to Saturday I found myself saying all week, "Is it Saturday yet? Is it Saturday yet?" I legit could not wait! When Saturday finally did roll around ... I had to cancel. 


I had to make the choice to honor where I was in that moment, which was sad, overwhelmed, anxious and moving through some shit! It ended up being one of those days that all I wanted to do was stay in bed and pull the covers up past my eyes. This was my reality, and as bummed as it made me, I had to honor that. 


I have gotten to the point where I put my self-care first no matter what. At the end of the day, we can make all the plans that we want to but life happens! We have no way of knowing when we make those plans, how we'll feel in that moment or what will be going on in our world. Saturday the Universe had other plans for me and I had to say no to a party, in order to show up for myself. I needed a lot of TLC and that's exactly what I gave myself. 


Don't get me wrong, this is NOT where I've always been. In the past, I would have shown up no matter what because I would not have wanted to let everyone down. I would have buried how I was feeling to follow through on the commitment that I made. In return, I would have come back home feeling even more anxious, sad and worn out. As that hilarious chick on Facebook would say, "I ain't doin it!" 


I learned the more I said no, the more I was supported in doing so. Those around us want us to be happy and healthy. When we set our boundaries and honor them, those around you will respect that. 


Now let me be clear, your FOMO is going to be triggered in a massive way when you start to honor yourself and say NO.  Guess what though? There will be more events just like the one you're saying no too. Do you think this will be the last time my girlfriends will be getting together to laugh, drink champagne and have fun ... hell no that's like a Wednesday in my crew lol! Say no ... it will be ok I promise! 


Honoring where you're at will not just lead to saying no to things you want to do but it will also lead to saying yes to things that were not even on your radar. Sat I ended up staying home feeling all the feels and eating most of the cookies I made for the party. However, Sunday when I woke up the Universe rewarded me by guiding me to Mount Rainier for an epic day of soul connecting in nature. Going to Rainier wasn't on my radar but by honoring where I was at and listening to what I needed, I was rewarded with an amazing adventure. 


The moral of this story is ... honor where you're at no matter what. Your mind, body & spirit are communicating with you and telling you what you are needing in each given moment. Be willing to deviate from your "plan" to listen to what is really true NOW. Live in reality ... not what you wish it would be. Let go of the need to be perfect and embrace the fact that being vulnerable is ok ... in fact it's great! You will be rewarded by living a balanced, happy and healthy life :)




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