If You Want the Universe to Pull You Stop Pushing

February 8, 2018

I've blogged about this topic in the past but every so often we stray from our paths and receive reminders to surrender. This is definitely one of those times for me.


I've felt friction recently in my life and that friction has been poking the anxiety bear. We all have deep-rooted triggers and one of mine is financial abundance. I have done a whole lot of personal development in this area and there times I feel tremendous progress and others when I feel like things will never change. 


What starts with friction can easily lead me down the rabbit hole of lack of abundance, fear, and uncertainty. I'm grateful to have a tool belt full of healthy tools to use when I'm triggered but that doesn't mean I don't get stuck in my own head sometimes. 


When I'm stuck in my own head my old friend the controller comes out (I call her Miss Thang). Miss Thang likes to try and "figure things out." She obsesses over what's going on, how to change it, and where it's going to lead her in the future. She represents all of the mindsets and behaviors I've worked so hard to shed and change. 


This morning I sat down to meditate and I was lead to a 5 minutes mindfulness meditation. In those 5 minutes, I was able to recognize what's been going on and I was reminded to surrender and listen. 


Something I have learned on my journey is we rarely have the answers. What we are blessed with is receiving exactly what we need at the time we need it most. Sometimes that's a hard lesson and sometimes it's an epic blessing. 


If you want the Universe to pull you, stop pushing by trying to "figure it all out!" When we free our souls and minds from things like negativity, control, and fear we allow space for what's to be. When we quiet our minds, we can actually hear messages we're receiving from GUS (God, Universe or Spirit you pick your flavor). 


When you create space for this to happen you will actually feel the Universe pulling you and guiding you in the right direction. We want things to happen immediately and we get way ahead of ourselves by creating stories about the future. When I allowed myself to start looking too far in the ahead, I created anxiety about things that may or may not ever happen. All it did was take me out of being mindful in this current moment. In reality, that's all that matters. 


Set your intentions, release them into the Universe and trust that she knows exactly what you need to get there. Release control and trust there is something so much bigger out there guiding you on your path.


Surrender, accept and listen. 



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