What I've Learned in My 13,870 Days on This Planet

March 13, 2018

My friend Tashlie just had a birthday recently and she published a blog that I just adored similar to this one (although her days were much less than 13,870 lol!) I just celebrated my 38th birthday yesterday and it has me reflecting on my life up until this point. What I've learned, who I've become, and what I'd still like to accomplish. 


I have been on this earth for 13,870 days so far. It seems like an eternity and a drop in the bucket all time and at the same time! 


I thought it would be neat to share 10 things that I've come to learn in my 13,870 days on this planet. 


1. Release control - This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done, yet the act that has given the most back. Growing up, I was a control freak! I tried to control everything and everyone around me, causing me a great deal of anxiety. Through years of personal development, I have been gifted the ability to own what's mine and release what's not. I finally understand that there is something much greater out there that has my back. It knows what lessons I need to learn and when. Since I've learned to release control and go with the flow, my life has gotten SO much easier and way cooler! 


2. Take responsibility - I spent a good portion of my younger life playing the blame game. Everything that was happening in my life, was the result of someone else and it was their problem/fault! I have learned that cannot be farther from the truth. We are where we are in life by choice. If you don't like where you're at, take responsibility and change it! You have no one to blame for anything going on in your life other than YOU! It's a hard truth to swallow but also liberating at the same time. To finally realize you have the power to own your actions and change your life is an incredible feeling. 


3. Find a way to make $ doing something you love - There are countless ways to earn a paycheck today, so why choose to do something you are not passionate about? Find something you love doing and then find a way to earn a living doing it. Life is way to precious to spend a great deal of your life doing something that doesn't bring you joy. This unhappiness will start manifesting other unpleasant things such as stress, health issues, exhaustion, emotional eating, being put on medications, etc. If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. 


4. Giving and receiving must be an equal exchange - This is something I used to struggle with greatly. I have always been a giver but had major issues with receiving. As I got older and became an entrepreneur, this mindset held me back. I have learned that giving and receiving must flow in a fluid circle. By giving but not being willing to receive I was breaking that circle and stopping the flow of abundance. If you want to manifest goodness in your life, you must be willing to receive as much as you give. 


5. Self-care and self-love are crucial - After years of putting myself last and worrying about everyone else first, I have learned that I have to be my #1 priority. I have learned to honor where I'm at, no matter what. I am in touch with my mind, body, and spirit and they are in constant communication with me as to what they are needing. My only job is to listen and act accordingly. I have spent years collecting tools that help me live a balanced, connected and healthy life. Having these tools has allowed me to customize a self-care plan that serves my highest good. I nurture my mind, body, and spirit every day. I also approach myself with love, patience, kindness, and respect. I am my own best friend and biggest fan! 


6. Get lost in nature whenever possible - Plants and trees have the highest vibrations on the planet. Immersing yourself in nature is so good for your mind and soul. When I moved from Michigan to Washington, I found a great deal of my healing in the mountains. When I am in nature I feel peaceful, connected, inspired, creative and grounded. If you can put your bare feet or hands on the earth regularly, even better. Grounding yourself to Mother Earth can change your frequency and support your body in healing and staying healthy.


7. Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live - We live in scary times where much of our food is toxic. It's processed, void of nutrients and filled with chemicals. In America, people are also getting lazier and lazier and taking more and more synthetic prescription medications. We are seeing record high disease rates and there is no surprise why! I have learned to treat my body like a temple because it's the vehicle I have been given in this lifetime. It allows me to move, be active, breathe, and explore! What I put in it and what I do to it matters. I am active regularly because it helps me stay strong and healthy. I am conscious about the foods and supplements I put in my body. I also follow moderation and treat myself as well. Take care of your body before it's too late and the choice is taken away from you.


8. Practice gratitude daily - There is a big difference in being grateful when awesome things happen and living a grateful life. This is a practice that has greatly shifted my life! It's really easy to be grateful when life is going well but it's those days when life is not so great when it's most important. I have learned to be grateful and look for the lessons, no matter what is going on in life. Regardless, I am still breathing and I'm still being supported. I embrace the hard lessons because they help me grow. I've run a gratitude challenge on Facebook for 5 years now and it's such a highlight in my life. To share daily gratitude with people from around the world is amazing. Each and every one of us is creating a positive ripple in this world and I'm blessed to be apart of it. I'm incredibly grateful for this life I'm living. 


9. Meditation is the bomb! If you haven't yet implemented meditation into your life, what are you waiting for lol? Meditation used to be impossible for me but as my personal development journey progressed, so has my ability to meditate. It is now part of my daily self-care practice and has brought so much peace into my life. I start every day with a meditation and that allows me to set my intentions for the day, release any negativity I may be carrying, and ground myself so I can be clear and focused for my day. It's also my go to if I am triggered at any time. By just removing myself from the situation and connecting to my breath, I'm able to work through what I need to and move on minus the stress. When it comes to meditation release your expectations on what it's "supposed to be" and let it be what it is. If your mind is racing let it race, just stay connected to your breath. It will get easier and easier I promise. 


10. Live a joyful life - I think joy is one of the most important things to cultivate in life. When you are living in a joyful space you are giving off a positive energy, which in return will affect the people around you and also what you attract back into your life. I believe that when we look back on our lives we look back on the times that have brought us the most joy. Not the times we were angry, stressed or trying to control things. This one is pretty simple ... pinpoint the things that bring you the most joy and make time to do them. I'll remind you again - life is too precious to be spending it doing things that don't bring you joy. 



I'm ready to take what I've learned so far into my next 365 days as a 38-year-old, while I continue to grow, learn, and evolve. Here's to another year on this crazy journey called life ... 



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