My Decision to Add a Sports Nutrition Certification to my Tool Belt

March 29, 2018

So today I did a thing ... I enrolled to obtain my Sports Nutrition Certification! I'm really excited to start my next adventure in my personal development journey.


I reached this decision for a number of reasons and have received many signs lately that now is the right time. The first factor in any new personal development education I take on is, "How will this impact MY life?" First and foremost, it has to bring value to my life before I consider how it will benefit others. I help myself first and then share what I've learned with those I cross paths with that need it.


As many of you know, I've been on an intense mind, body, spirit journey for close to six years now. During those six years, I have invested in myself every single day! I have completely transformed my life both physically, mentally and spiritually. I was able to do that by making my health and happiness my #1 priority. I have found that I receive everything I need, exactly when I need it ... if I'm willing to release control and exercise some patience.


This journey has allowed me to:

* Completely transform mind, body, and spirit 

* Work as a virtual health/fitness coach for 4 years 

* Build a clientele all over the world

* Impact countless lives

* Donate 1/2 my liver 

* Become a certified life coach 

* And now ... explore sports nutrition 


People have asked me, "well Heather what do you plan to DO with all of these skills you've obtained?" My answer to that is ... I'm already doing it. I'm a child of the Universe and I'm a little sponge for learning. I'm passionate about helping others and every new tool I add to my tool belt is something that will better my life and the lives of those around me. 


I've known nutrition was the next step for quite some time now. Over the course of my journey, it's been a huge factor. From exploring healthy eating, to losing weight, to changing uncomfortable health issues, to donating half my liver, to exploring my gut health and how it effects the rest of my body. I want to now take it to the next level! I want to know how to properly fuel my body, specifically for the intense workouts we're doing at North Corner Studios. I want to learn how to ROCK my nutrition and then I want to share that with others! 


Whether in my NCS community, with life coaching clients, health clients or anyone new I attract into my world. I can see this opening many doors for my coaching business. I've dabbled in meal prepping and this could open doors in that direction as well. The possibilities are endless. When you are committed to learning and growing, cool shit happens!


For now, it's time to focus on step #1 - getting started. Ready to get my learn on! Stay tuned as this new adventure unfolds ... 

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