Exploring Expectancy

April 5, 2019

Yesterday I drew an angel card and before doing so, I asked my guides and angels to select a card that would resonate with my Tribe. I asked to pull a card that would serve the highest good for the most people. What I pulled was ... expectancy. 


I've been thinking about this topic ever since and the more I do, the more facets I see. I'm going to speak today on what resonates with me but definitely welcome discussion and different views surrounding this topic as the month goes on.  


The definition of expectancy is to "live in an expected state." I believe that consciously and subconsciously we are always in an expected state on some level. Whether it's good, bad, exciting, or sad ... we are always expecting something. This sparked another question for me because if that is true, how is it possible to just BE if we are living in an expected state. I mean the whole point of just being is releasing expectations, right? Hhhmmmm ... interesting.


See how there are many things in play here? Conscious vs. subconscious, positive vs. negative, being vs. expecting, and so on. 


When I thought about writing a blog on this topic, I came up with a few ways that I could approach it. Since I focus on a whole mind/whole body approach in life, I thought that would be the perfect way to write about it.




Positive Expectancy - Do you believe that the Universe is a friendly place? Really think about that ... do you believe that everything is happening FOR you and not TO you? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason - hard lessons included? Our minds are such incredibly powerful tools! What we spend the most time thinking about, creates our reality. When you live in a place of positive expectancy, you generate positive things in your life! If you don't believe me, try it! What do you have to lose? For the next 30 days, write out positive thoughts, speak positive words, meditate on what you want to manifest most in life, and watch the shifts that start to occur. 


Negative Expectancy - When you live from a space of negative expectancy, you are going to manifest more negative experiences in your life. When we think negative thoughts, they turn into a negative reality in every area in our life. The ripple effect can be crippling mentally and can manifest poor health physically. If you are having trouble shifting out a space of negative expectancy, I'd recommend working with a coach. Their role is to hold you in a positive space and give you the tools to move forward. You don't know what you don't know so let a professional guide you to a better place. You do NOT have to suffer alone! 




Positive Expectancy - Instead of nitpicking everything you don't like about your body, celebrate it for what it allows you to do! Live in moderation meaning find the balance between feeding your body healthy nourishing foods and treating yourself. Thank your body for being a vessel to carry you through this journey. Treat your body like the temple that it is. Expect to be happy, healthy, and strong!


Negative Expectancy - If you are mean to your body it will be mean back! Your body believes what your mind tells it so if you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are fat and ugly you're sending that energy through every cell in your body. If you tend to hyper-focus on illnesses and prescription "cures", you are going to attract more symptoms and illness. You cannot change your physical health until you've addressed your mental health. The longer you put it off, the sicker you will become physically.




Positive Expectancy - This goes back to believing you live in a friendly Universe. Do you expect that there is something bigger that has your back and sees the whole picture? When we surrender to our higher power, we become more in tune with the signs around us. Try to allow for less pushing and more pulling. Expect that great things will continue to happen in your life. 


Negative Expectancy - By closing yourself off to your higher power, you can expect to feel lost, disconnected, and out of control. If you let the Universe know you'd prefer to do it on your own the hard way, she's going to let you! This is a highly personal journey for everyone so your first step is just saying yes and remaining open to the possibilities. 



Throughout the month of April, we will continue to explore this topic of expectancy and the role it plays in our lives. I look forward to our discussions! 





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