My Awakening at The Awakening Retreat

May 1, 2019

I just returned from a powerful weekend in the woods at The Awakening Retreat. It was a weekend full of connection, sharing, reflecting, yoga, nature, and love. 


This retreat was held at a magical artist compound in the woods in Bremerton, WA on 15 acres in the woods, overlooking Mission Lake.




The story goes ... A very cool husband and wife purchased this property a few years ago. They live in Seattle with their two kids and both of them are artists. The husband is also a beautiful carpenter and has been working on renovations since they purchased it. Most the time they offer it as an Airbnb for gatherings and retreats. However, during the summer months, those Airbnb funds all go towards allowing artists to come and stay on the property for free so they can practice their art, and be connected to cool community. Is that not neat or what!! 


There is a large rustic main house with a fully renovated kitchen, 5 beds, and two bathrooms. And of course let's not forget the outside rain shower which you know I had to try (I'm a huge fan of outdoor showers!) In addition, there are 3 gorgeous tent cabins and a barn that he is renovating to contain a loft apartment and a downstairs with 3 more beds. It truly is a special place with such wonderful intentions behind it and you could feel that everywhere. 


This was a new experience for me because I'm typically on the other side, hosting the retreat. This time I was blessed to have been asked to attend and speak at this event by Teanna Gentry, the manager of Hot Feet Fitness in Burien, WA - not to mention amazing yoga instructor! 


When I'm hosting my retreats, I am busy behind the scenes, planning, prepping, leading personal development exercises, cooking the meals, and making sure everyone is taken care of. It's one of my favorite things to do but it is a complete labor of love and a lot of work! This time, I was able to show up, host two workshops and then the rest of the time focus on connecting with the girls and enjoying myself. I can totally get used to that lol! 


I hosted a workshop on Friday evening supporting the attendees in grounding and setting their intentions for the weekend. Then on Saturday morning, I hosted a body image workshop, which was an extremely powerful experience. This workshop is already powerful because of the content but we ended doing it outside around a campfire, which strengthened our connection. It was chilly out but I didn't care, I was barefoot, dirty, and loving every minute of it!! I feed off of being able to connect to the earth and deliver my message at the same time. It's where I feel most happy, connected, and powerful. 


Not only did this weekend include love and connection with the incredible attendees, but I was also blessed to connect with other amazing coaches and holistic practitioners as well. In addition to yoga and wellness workshops, the ladies also had the choice of receiving Thai massage, Reiki, crystal healing, and acupuncture as well! Talk about awesome!! 




This weekend, I really focused on the theme of awakening and what that meant to my mind, body, and spirit. Here's what I left with ... 

Mind ~ This weekend was full of positive affirmations that I am connected to my passions & purpose. My awakening was the value I bring to the planet and my ability to inspire others. 


Body ~ It felt SO amazing to connect to my mat again this weekend. My body has been rejecting high-intensity workouts and it felt right to re-connect to yoga and my breath. My awakening is right now what my body needs is more stretching, yoga, and calm activities. 


Spirit ~ As my life continues to unfold and I really sink deeper into surrendering, I am continually reminded that the Universe has my back! My awakening this weekend was when I trust, and I get out of my own way, I am so powerful and can manifest anything I desire!



I am grateful for this amazing life that continues to surprise me and excite me! I can't wait for more incredible experiences just like this ... 








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