Embrace the New Moon

June 4, 2019

Tonight, on June 3rd, we celebrate the end of another lunar cycle and the beginning of another with a new moon. I never used to follow the lunar cycles until recently.


I am very sensitive to different energies and yet still wasn't paying attention to the earth cycles. These cycles drive everything from the sun and the moon to the waves in the ocean. Animals and plants are highly sensitive to all of these cycles but most humans have gotten out of touch with paying attention to Mother Earth. 


Tonight's new moon signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The new moon signifies rebirth and a fresh start. It is an awesome time to create space to set your intentions for the upcoming month. Get really specific on what you want to manifest because the next month is a highly connected and powerful time. It's also a great time to examine what is working in your life and what is not. It's an awesome time to open your mind and consider new possibilities and start new projects. 


Another aspect of the New Moon is LOVE! It is a great time to sync with your partner and reintroduce connection and passion. If you're single, it's a great time to put yourself out there to seek new connections. 


Health wise, the days following a new moon are a great time to cleanse! The body is ready to shed and detox so it can clear and open to receive messages.


 More of what you can expect ... 

* Women may feel more confident, while men may feel more sensitive

* Strength and courage to pursue new paths

* Increased intuition 

* Connection to creativity 

* If you are sensitive, you may experience difficulty sleeping



New Moon Ritual 

I thought I would share a new moon ritual with you for those who are interested in exploring this further. 


1. Cleanse in a warm salt water bath. Salt both cleanses and increases your vibration.

2. If you have sage or palo santo, smudge your your space to clear out any negative energy.

3. Create quiet time and space somewhere sacred to you. It could be lighting incense at your altar or connecting with nature - you decide.

4. Journal to set your intentions for the upcoming month, as well as what is serving you and what is not (write down what is not on a separate piece of paper).

5. Meditate to release what's no longer serving you (do this on your own or find a guided meditation on YouTube). 

6. Burn what's no longer serving you and release it to the Universe. 


I host a private group for all of my customers called Thrive Tribe. Every Monday I go LIVE and draw a card to guide us in setting our intention for the week, as well as exploring our emotions. Our angels, guides, and spirits showed up to support us in welcoming the New Moon. Check out the card that was pulled ...




I empower you to dance in the possibilities of the New Moon today! Shed the old so you can create space to call in the new. 


Happy New Moon 



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