My Decision to Shut Down My Website

October 26, 2019

After a lot of careful consideration, meditating, and soul-searching I have made the decision to shut down my website. Here's why ... 


I have been feeling a sense of uncertainty and seeking in my professional and personal life for ... well, I'm not even sure how long. There are elements of how I'm feeling that just feel like they've always been there.


Maybe some of you can relate to this. That feeling that no matter what personal development you engage in, healers/therapists/coaches you work with, retreats/workshops you go to - there is still something you can't access holding you back! Well, this is how I've felt for a really long time! 


If I'm being honest, everything I've done professionally as a Life Coach has happened by accident. I say that because it was simply a bi-product of my own healing journey. I was doing the work and openly sharing my experience at the same time. This organically allowed me to impact/change lives along with my own. 


I was recently introduced to the next phase in my healing journey and this one feels like a BIG one! I've done a whole lot of work and development in the conscious realm and now I'm going much deeper to explore my subconscious imprints.  The stuff that's generational that I've been carrying my whole life. The stuff that doesn't even belong to me! This is where true healing lies. 


Through this healing, I have discovered that these imprints may be what has been behind me grinding and stressing to build a business that I'm not sure I want anymore. By taking a step back and looking at how these imprints have played a large role in every area in my life is eye-opening. It's also invigorating because I now realize this is something I can change! 


In one of the early sessions with my healer, she asked, "What if you just focused on doing what brings you joy?" There was some kind of energetic permission that took place during that conversation. For the first time in 7-years, I allowed myself to say, "I'm open to ALL the possibilities that will bring me joy - even if that's outside of my business!"


When I did that, I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders! I've done a lot of internal reflection on what brings me joy, what doesn't, what I want my life to look and feel like, etc. The more clear I become and the more I let go of the idea of HAVING to make my business succeed, the more opportunities present themselves!


- New house/pet-sitting clients are reaching out weekly. To the point where there is only 1 week in Nov. I'm not booked! This is something I love to do! Getting to stay in people's homes and love on their fur-babies fills my cup.


- I had a handful of remote work opportunities present themselves. The one I said yes to allows me the opportunity to work anywhere with a computer and connection, puts me in a position to learn directly from brilliant mentors, and allows me to combine my love of event planning and creating relationships. Not to mention, I'll be networking with powerful holistic organizations all along the west coast and it supports my pet-sitting gig.


- I am feeling the strong calling to live a quieter life, that includes less social media. I am feeling supported and guided to what this is going to look like!


Neither of these things are directly related to building my business (or maybe they are - time will tell) but they bring me joy! Not only that but I have been calling in a life of wanderlust and freedom since I started my business and these things are a manifestation of that ... just not in the way I had envisioned. I'm learning that's ok :) 


Maybe I earn a living doing all kinds of different things! Re-defining what it means to have a "career" is a super liberating process for me! I'm finally realizing it just doesn't matter ... as long as I'm happy and right now I'm pretty freakin excited exploring all the unique opportunities that are presenting themselves to me. 


Instead of looking back at everything I've accomplished and it serving as an anchor, triggering thoughts of "you can't give up you've worked too hard, you have to keep going!" I am looking back with gratitude for all that I've accomplished and where it's brought me today.  


* I changed my health and have helped so many others change theirs too! This ultimately allowed me to donate 1/2 my liver when I never would have been a candidate before!


* I am a Certified Life Coach and Sports Nutritionist. 


* I started my entrepreneur journey as an online health/fitness coach. Even though I'm no longer working that business, I still earn residual income weekly. 


* I self-published a book entitled Thrive: Creating a Balanced, Connected, Healthy Life You Adore that has made its appearance in 4 countries.  


* I have hosted hundreds of online groups and programs that have supported people in shifting their lives all over the world!  


* I have hosted an online gratitude group for 6 years where participants all over the world share gratitude daily. I have had a number of people tell me that this group has completely changed their life ... including my own! 


* I have hosted successful Unplug for Self-Love Retreats where I have witnessed sister-hood being created and lives completely changing right before my eyes.


* I have coached women 1-on-1 and been humbled to my core to be invited as a mentor on their very personal journeys. 


I have done all this!! I'm so grateful and proud of myself for showing up like this in the world. I also love myself enough to say I'm being called to honor MY new journey and that's something to get excited about. I'm happy to say I have no idea what my future holds and I'm so OK with that! 


Recently I received a final straw kind of sign from the Universe, which led me to know it was the right time to shut down my website. (who I host my website and publish my blog through) was breached and personal information was leaked. I received a very official-looking Wix email telling me my recent payment didn't go through and to click the link to update my info. I didn't even think anything of it because I recently moved and hadn't updated my address yet. I know some of you are thinking "Oh Heather, no you didn't!" Well, I did and I woke up to my business bank account being drained. 


It wasn't about the money because they didn't get a lot and it was fraud so I was able to go through the channels of getting it replaced and was issued a new card. The problem was the experience I had with Wix customer service afterwards and what I started to learn about their security practices. It became clear to me that I had to consider shutting down my website, a decision I did not take lightly at all! 


At the end of the day, I'm choosing to embrace it as a sign and greet it with ease because I know this all plays into this new chapter in my life. 


I want to thank all of you who have witnessed and walked with me on my journey so far. This is not goodbye this is see you around and stay in touch! I have everyone's email addresses and If I open a new list you will all be notified. In the meantime, the best way to stay in touch will be via FB. If we're not already friends, you can send me a request here


Honor yourself - honor your journey - embrace change - let joy lead you - release control - you are AMAZING! I love and believe in each and every one of you.


Love and light to all of you. 


Signing off,

Heather Dalton 




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My Decision to Shut Down My Website

October 26, 2019

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